Hello from Kyoto


I’m new and still can’t ride a unicycle. I only got my unicycle/clown bike today as a present from my wife for my 48th birthday and trying to figure out how to ride it. My son rode unicycles when he was young but nothing fancy. I did try to ride his unicycles before but I was never successful. My top score was 3 pedals only before I fell off. It felt easier hopping a bit and using it as a pogo stick with one hand on the seat and one hand on the wall but if I try to pedal, I easily lose my balance.

I rode Trials motorcycles before for about 15+ years as a hobby and even back then I wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle but didn’t have enough courage to continue. Maybe now I will continue to learn how to ride one because seeing those unicycle videos on YouTube and seeing how fit and strong unicycle riders are, maybe instead of a treadmill that I may be able to lose some weight if I learn to ride one. I often watch Mr. Terry Peterson on YouTube not only for his unicycling skills but also for his awesome model-like looks. I just wish I have abs like him… My tummy is so big now that I look pregnant, haha!

By the way, I’m a Filipino but since my son is a Japanese, I’m in luck because I can always ask him to teach me or ask his friends and even ask young kids to be my unicycle teacher. When I practiced today, one of my neighbors told me that soon I’ll become a clown or a flamingo… HAHA!

Here are some photos of my unicycle/clown bike and I also included an old photo of me and my son playing Trials when he was young.

Hoping to eat less and train more :slight_smile:

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