Hello from Kay

What’s your name? Hello, my names Kay Tyler :slight_smile:

Where do you come from? I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada but came here from England many years ago now.

What is your experience of unicycling? Hmmm well I used to ride a lot mostly Muni on and off road, I was never particularly good but made up for it with enthusiasm. I also ride a 29er with a Nanoraptor tire, I had this one set up with a drag break and handlebars but its just a stock uni at the moment as I stripped it down when I put it away when I stopped riding. I sold my Muni years ago and am now relearning to get along with my 29er. Its nice to be back.


Welcome back! I really like the 29” size, big enough to hold a good cruising speed and small enough to muni so I often ride roads to get to trails.

Welcome back Kay, great to hear that you are riding the unicycle again.

Welcome. I am also a big 29er fan. I have my nimbus 29er set up for bike trail and road riding. Best

Welcome, I live in Ottawa too. We have a small but really nice Muni crowd. I’d suggest joining the Ottawa Unjcyclist page on FB.

Hi Sexy, thanks for the welcome and tip about the FB group Ill check that out.

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