Hello from Japan

We made it to Unicon12 on Friday in Japan and the convention is in full swing. The welcome party the first night was amazing - stepping in out of the humid evening air to a room filled with hundreds of friends, old and new, from all over the world. Yesterday was the opening ceremony, followed by the Group competition. With 37 groups competing, it took all day, but it was in a beautiful and cool gym with a HUGE crowd on hand. The final group was the famous Toyoda Team from Japan and they were stunning - absolutely fantasic. The foreign teams (very few) got a great crowd reaction even though their level in general was far below the Japanese teams who seemingly train endlessly for this event. A great day. Today is Pairs Freestyle, tomorrow individual. I’m in a hostel sending this, with sweat drip drip dripping down my back as I type…

More later,

Make sure you post the results, I can’t find anywhere that seems to have or will have them on a site. Or could someone direct me to a place that puts them up on the day everyone finds out?

Re: Hello from Japan

Thanks Nathan for posting. I feel like we are a world away right now.
Barb K.

Things are still going well other than an accident at the Trials Competition that sent Lars to the hospital. 16 stiches later he was in good spirits. Too much going on to really post now, but it is a great convention and I wish you were all here. Results will be forthcoming.


The marathon was yesterday- man it was hot. I sped to the front and led for about 1km then went backwards from there. I was about 3rd in the mens race until I missed the turn to the finish and a Japanese rider comes passes me. Congrats to Yuta who won the race with 65mm cranks, and Roger- these guys were animals out there- they kicked everyones ass. It was so hot and humid I felt like passing out.

The Muni X country was good too. I led the first and second lap. Then on the final singletrack a Japanese rider comes flying past me followed by Roger on his Coker.
The Downhill was fun. I think I came third on the Coker.

Thats all for now, this internet thing aint cheap in Tokyo.