Hello from Arizona!

Greetings from Arizona! Hi there! Bob here, I live and ride in the Verde valley. Best known for the home of the red rocks of Sedona. I’m In my early sixties and I’ve just gotten a Nimbus Oracle 27.5 I learned to ride fifty five years ago on my brother’s unicycle in my home town of Detroit Michigan. It has been over fifteen years since my last unicycle. Thought I’d give it a go again for pleasure and exercise. Tonight was my first night riding and there is definitely a little rust! The larger wheel, the studded pedals are definitely going to be something to get used to. Rode in a parking lot for an hour to acclimate. Turning is challenging but it’s all coming back to me. Looking forward to building my riding muscles and polishing up the skills before heading to the trails but super excited for this next adventure!


Good morning Bob, when you want company to ride with just pop over the hill to Prescott. I’ll be glad to join in. You’re lucky to be so close to many great trails in the Verde Valley.
Good luck on your practice with the unicycle, you have an awesome one to do so!

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Welcome here Bob! :uni:

Thanks Paul, looks like you ride the style I’m looking for. Getting a little long in the tooth to be doing aggressive stuff. At least for a while. I’ll give you a shout when my conditioning and stability improve!

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Welcome, Bob!

Right there with you Bob (age-wise) but started late and have been at it for 11 years now. Started on a 26 and graduated to a 36. I just cruise street and am happy to still be able to do that. The coolest place I have ridden was on the old canal towpath in Ohio (my profile pic) near my hometown of Akron.

Looking forward to it Bob. I will be coming through Camp Verde next month for a segment hike on the General Crook Trail. I’ll dm you when we have a date, perhaps have a post hike :beers:

The GCT is to rocky for me to even consider riding Muni, but there’s a lot of good country to see, even if you’re just walking :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey Bob,

Good to see you getting back on the uni you’ll have it back in no time I’m in my late 50’s and I love it nothing like it out there you know when I see people joggin I say to myself if they only knew. I’m in SoCal well venture on.

Welcome to our group Bob!

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