Hello fellow crotch breakers

What’s your name? Leigh

Where do you come from? Oxford

What is your experience of unicycling? Enjoyment at home, trying to learn. falling flat on my face a lot. to my kids delight


Hello and welcome :hugs: what unicycle are you learning on and what made you want to learn ?

I’m kind of local being Surrey


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Thank you for the warm welcome, mostly a fun thing to figure out over lockdown, was a good way to keep my daughter busy when her mums busy working in her office. How about you? and thats awesome didnt really expect to meet many locals here!

Welcome OneWheelLee…fellow Lockdown Uni learner.

I started learning last June (2021) on a 20” el cheapo unicycle.

And now my kids and wife tell me to be quiet (not that politely)… if I even mention the word unicycle…it’s a family in-joke now… I’m addicted.


Haha i love it! atm i mainly get told off by the neighbours for being loud but ayo keeping me and the kiddo entertained! dont actually know too much about specs etc but i think if i went down that rabbit hole my wife would find me holding the credit card! xD

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So sorry just realised i never answered you, i believe its a Quax335 or something? Picked it up from a local bike shop owner i know so i never really looked into it

Your welcome, I’m not sure what wheel size your uni is but you’ll find most start on a 20”. I started riding around 15 years ago learning the very minimum then stopped for over 12 year. I got back into it for some reason and have got carried away with it now as they make me happy both riding and building them.

I used local loosely as there is a wide spread of members here so being a couple of hours away is kinda local!

You will get lots of help and tips here to help or just give motivation

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Nice starting point :slight_smile: And I can kind of relate to that… as I also started learning during lockdown almost 1½ year ago… and yes now I’m pretty addicted with multiple Uni sizes and I ride 3-5 times every week…

No worries… it does not need to be that expensive compared to so many other hobbies. Even though I’ve spent quite a large amount of money on Uni related equimpment I would say that I would be almost as happy with just two unis; one small 20" or 24" inch for learning new tricks and general playing around and one large 29" for covering distance and doing light muni.
Also skills is much more important than (expensive) equipment in this hobby…

Hope you will get just as addicted as me. And when too exhausted to learn/ride this forum is a great archive of knowledge to explore. Also feel free to ask any questions that you may have…


You’ll find even expensive unicycles are pretty cheap compared to high-end bikes – for example, compare the price of a Kris Holm or Mad4One muni and a Santa Cruz bike (especially when you need to pay for it in good olde GBP…)

Even for fancy niche things like Schlumpf hubs, compare those to a Rholoff SpeedHub or an Industry-Nine Hydra, and its not really all that bad. The “problem” is that folk tend to accumulate a reasonable number of unicycles in an n+1 sort of a way along with associated stuff like a bunch of seats and cranks. If the bug bites you’ll probably end up with a few :slight_smile:


@m00ms @Hammer @DrD thank you for all the replies and support everyone. il be sure to keep updates :slight_smile: just spent the jubilee week fixed to the screen or eating scones so sorry i havent been around to reply.

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