Hello everyone

I’ll start by opologising (sp) because I’m sure you get millions of these sort of posts but anyhoooo. As you may have already relised, I’m new. I decided to buy myself a unicycle 3 days ago because I’ve always been interested in the idea of riding a ‘one wheeler’ and so I raided ebay in search of a unicycle. On the advise of a few a random websites I bought a 20inch cycle as that fitted my height and waited…
So a bit about myself,
my names Lee, I’m 16 and live in Newcastle, UK. My other hobbies include parkour (google it if you don’t know what it is) and 2 wheeled trials riding (which gives my a certain level of experience of being on on one wheel, although I don’t no whether that should help me or not)
Within the past 3 days I’ve just about mastered what I deem to be the basics of riding a unicycle ie riding in a straight line, turning and the ability to ride a straight line, and I can hop it around like a pogo stick for ever(don’t no if that has a special name or not) and now I’m appealing to you s to see where I should go next, is it just a case of just messing around and practising and should it slowly just come to me, or can you advise anything in particular bearing in mind at the moment I think I’m heading in the dirrection of street/trials unicycleing. THanks for your help in advance/hope.


Sounds like you’re pretty good after 3 days riding. Probably the bike trials and the parkuour has helped you out a bit.

Ride down stairs. Be careful, take one step at a time. Go 2, then 3, then 4 etc. Find some that are very wide. Standard steps are hard at first.

Backwards. It is very uselful later on.

Huck steps. 2 3 4 etc.

Get some pallets and start working on sidehopping higher and higher.

Weirdly, I would recommend getting yourself a vid of very good riders, or go riding with other people. It gives you ideas and motivation.

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thanks for all the help everyone. greatly appretiated and I will definitly be looking into NUTs more.