hello everyone

i am dimitri horvat from azerbaijan and i like uncicllleeee :smiley:

tis is a video i made for all of those who ride unicycle its cool i hope you like it

i made my 180 on this hahaha

Nice vid Dimitri :slight_smile: And welcome!

Hey Dimitri, it’s good to have you.

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Hello Dimitri,
Nice to meet you all. I am also new to this forum and I hope I can learn and contribute to the forum. Your video is nice and awesome. My camera is being fixed, and I’m gonna make a video to introduce in this forum soon. Have a nice day.

Your video was hilarious, we need more like that! :slight_smile:

nice to meet you and merry christmas to you :slight_smile:

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