Hello everyone


Long time no wirte in this foums, but I will try to be more connectec from now.
I will read recently post and I hope to share with you.

Regards for everyone

I’m sorry I must to writte this in Just conversation & introduce myself.

P.S: I will try to improve my english too

Hello and welcome, Kypa!

What type of unicycle do you ride?

Hello thank you for your answer.

I usually ride a KH 24, but i like to do trials with a kh 20…:slight_smile:
I am the blue team.
Now i’m thinking to mount a disk brake on the KH24 but disk so close of mu foot I’m a little scared.

Don’t be, I have a disk brake on my 36" and it’s never been a problem.

I will think on it.

Now I have to find an adaptator for the braque. My frame has not be the sujection.