Hello everybody!

Hello everybody!

I’m Wolfgang from Augsburg in Germany. As a new member of this mailing list, I
want to introduce myself in a brief message. I’m a postgraduate student
(mathematics) of the Augsburg University in Germany, and as mathematics is a
very confusing thing if you are working in this field whole the day, I need some
sports for recovery. So I’m doing several kinds of sport, especially
trampolining and, well, unicycling. I’m not very skilled in unicycling, but this
is a thing that may change within the coming summer. At the moment I’m trying to
get used to ride not too short distances, but it’s only a beginning (my private
high score is 26km per day, so I have to practice some more I think. My aim is
to do a 100km trip in one day before the summer has gone).

The way I started unicycling is in some way related to the way I found the
unicycling home page in the WWW: by accident. I’m a trampolining coach at
Augsburg University, and one day last year, the guy who had to have a look at
the gym hall were I had a lesson with some pupils, was bored to death. So he
took a unicycle out of the storage room and tried to ride - not very
successfull. After a quarter of an hour I told my pupils to bounce alone for the
remaining time of this lesson and asked him to give me a unicycle too. That was
the beginning of a great hobby I think. After one week I was able to ride short
distances and four weeks later I bothered some students playing basketball, when
I asked whether I could join their match with the unicycle. They were quite
astonished (unicycling is not very wide spread here) but after the first two
points I got for my team I became a permanent member of the team.

In the unicycling homepage there is a list of funny things to do with a
unicycle. Of course playing basket ball is mentioned there. But I have tried
another thing, that is not included in this list: bouncing on a trampoline (not
a minitramp, but a big one, see the trampoline homepage mentioned below for more
information and some photos) with the uni. You can’t bounce very high, but it’s
good fun and it guarantees a huge amount of attention - even among trampoliners.
At a trampoline show I performed a backward somersault with a unicycle in my
hand (I’m not able to do it with sitting on the saddle, but I’m working on this)
and it was a great attraction apart from the standard moves that are performed
at any show and at any competition.

That’s enough for the beginning. If you have comments, questions, anything else,
feel free to contact me. Especially I don’t know anyone except of myself who is
trampolining and unicycling. So if anyone does both, please tell me about your
experience. Here’s my data:

Name: Wolfgang Strößner (for people, that are not familiar with HTML
and/or the German language, try Wolfgang Stroessner instead) E-mail:
Stroessner@Math.Uni-Augsburg.DE WWW:
http://www.mathpool.uni-augsburg.de/~wstroess (German) resp.
http://www.mathpool.uni-augsburg.de/~wstroess/Welcome_gb.html (English)

More detailled information, including my postal address, phone number and some
other more or less tending things (e.g. a link to a very good trampoline
homepage) you can get at my homepage.

Bye, Wolfang