hello again!

hi guys.

so my older brother used to unicycle but he’s has gotten to buisy now so his torker cx is gettin lonsom.

so i’ve come up with a plan. i’m gonna make it into a cheapo muni i plan on buying a maxxis maxx daddy and replace the actual tire.here soon i’ll be getting a KH street saddle for my torker dx.sooooo i’m going to use the old DX saddle on the CX.ummmm i’ll replace the crappy PC pedals with some twisted PC pedals that i got a while ago. over all the unicycle will look goofy but i hope it works for a while,i’m hoping to spare my DX some painfull stuff so yea. what do you guys think?

doess the torker ummmmm LX hub and cranks fit the CX?

nocomprendo. in other words “what?”