Hello again. Long time no see.

Hello everyone. I see from the stats on here that the last time I logged in was 2009. Unfortunately, that probably means it’s about that long since I’ve ridden my uni.

For some reason it’s been on my mind a lot lately that I ought to get back out there on it. I’ll do that soon.

In the meantime, what’s changed in the world of uncycling over the last seven years?

  • Many riders have congregated to the FaceBook page.
  • The forum has become dominated by middle aged men whom still type on a full-sized computer keyboard.
  • GoPro cameras are now ubiquitous; if you didn't get it on the GoPro, it didn't happen. Terrabytes of boring videos proliferate.
  • The quality gap closed between KH and other brands; KH fan boys still genuflect to the KH logo.
  • More people are adopting handles into their riding styles.

Most of us are still looking for our other wheel. :wink:

In terms of hardware (perhaps muni-centric), what comes to mind since 2009:

  • disc brakes have become mainstream

  • flat saddles are becoming more popular; now stock on KH

  • like with mountain bikes, fat tires are a thing

  • generally stronger/lighter parts (KH frame, hub improvements, Spirit cranks)

I know you were joking, but this is fairly accurate. Except I’m only 24, and type on a ‘full-size’ computer keyboard from the 70s… :smiley:

That’s actually a pretty good overview I think. Also there are a lot more people with brakes probably.

BTW does this keyboard count as full sized?

None of that comes as a surprise! (Link to the Facebook Page, anyone?)

The other thing I’ve noticed is what looks like a much wider range of options in gear. For starters, last time I was looking I think the Qu-ax 36" had pretty much just appeared and was the first alternative to the original Coker, which seemed to be slowly disappearing. Now I see everyone makes a 36".

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I see “Dreaming of idling” still sitting under my name. I never did learn…

there is also muni chat, road and distance unicycling, and a few others. I find unicycle chat is mostly full of people plugging their street/flat videos (yawn) so I don’t go on it much but I guess is a good place to start :stuck_out_tongue:

Yepp, there are 36ers from all the brands as well as a few tyre choices (Nimbus Nightrider, Qu-Ax TA, errr, the off-road one I forget the name of) :smiley:

Disc brakes are a popular thing too, with KH shipping with discs on his whole range, Nimbus and the Oracle line, and Qu-Ax with their Q-Axle line.

Over the past several years, the moon’s gravity has grown stronger. This, exacerbated by changes in the Earth’s magnetic poles caused by our increasing saturation of space between the moon and earth with radio waves, has made it significantly easier to learn how to ride - people starting now don’t realize how easy they have it, compared to the old days.

Idling is much easier now too, you should have no problem if you put a little effort into it now.



I hit the scene in 2011. That should count for something right?

What’s new since 2009? Well…I started unicycling. And I’m important.

So there’s that…



…and we have 32" “build it yourself” wheels from Kent…

yeah i find most unicycling video’s pretty boring compared to sports like rock climbing. There are some good ones but there is so little variation in the set of tricks seen in most video’s. So this forum usually has more interesting contend. The structure of the forum is more suited for a discussion of a topic.

I like Muni vids, just not a fan of the trickery :smiley:

Yeah, someone has been posting ludicrously pink unicycles all over the site, if you’re into that sort of thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Brianna always brighten up this place, literally:D

This is brilliantly accurate.


Well, after that long gap, I took my trusty Pashley Muni on a weekend’s camping trip this weekend as I knew I’d have a nice flat field, good weather, and plenty of time to reacquaint myself to one wheel.

And you know what? I felt like I’d never been off. First attempts to free-mount were a bit hit and miss, but apart from that I was very quickly riding just as I was years ago. And it felt good.

I’d forgotten how tiring it was having to pedal all the time though. (I’ve spent a lot of tim on two wheels in the intervening years, including riding London to Paris twice. I’d forgotten just what a luxury free-wheeling is!)