Hello again- am in Iraq now

Hello all,
Long time no post from me. Last time I was on this board I was in Kosovo, well now I am in Iraq.

Yes, I have my 24" Torker with me and am going to buy a 36" Coker next month. I am on FOB Speicher which is near Tikrit. Tge FOB is 17 square miles and has lots of roads to ride on.

I have a a good time riding my Torker on to[ of the bomb bunkers that we have here.

Hello Duke.


My friend’s cousin is in Iraq, and he had a bomb go off under his humvee and had to have his arm amputated…but for the time being, he’s still alive, though in critical condition. Hope that doesn’t happen to you!
Good luck!

Hello Duke.
Thanks for all you guys (and gals) are doing over there.


Ever met a guy whose forum name is ‘bombsquad’ over there?

A couple of years ago, I was Muniing across the army range on Dartmoor and met a bunch of squaddies on training. How they laughed when I told them the Government was testing these new individual personnel carriers before sending them out to Iraq. If one of those soldiers is out there and sees yours, it will give him pause for thought.

Have you painted it in drab sand camouflage?

Stay safe


Thanks for covering for us all over there. Looks like the constitutional vote went well–congrats to all! Fly safe.

Here’s a link to impress your friends:

(HH-3E, MH-60G, MH-53J and uni pilot)

Hey Duke,
My half-brother is out there also, be safe out there. Come back in one piece!

Thanks for your efforts

I have a nephew that was in Iraq until a couple of months ago. All the best to you,

better get the stockton wheel, they’re bombproof

Hey Duke! Thanks for your service. I’d love to see some pics of you riding over there.:slight_smile:

Thank you all for the kind words.

Love the CombatUni page.

I was riding yesterday and came up on a working party of Iraqis (watched by armed US soldiers of course), they stopped what they were doing (which is not unusual) and all started laughing and clapping. One of the Iraqis who spoke some English wanted to buy it. It was obvious that it made there day.

I saw on the AFN (Armed Forces Network) channel on TV a commercial that showed a soldier in full combat gear riding a 24" uni amongst a horde of Iraqi children. Was a commercial about making good impressions on the local populace. I personally would be in PT (physical training) clothing. Makes it much easier to ride.

As far as having a bomb proof 36" uni. I hope that any insurgents that saw me coming down the road would be to amused/interested to set off the bomb. BTW, there is 0 possibility that an IED would be placed on the FOB.

I wonder how many Uni riders we have in Iraq right now. Would be cool to all get together.

Iraq Muni Weekend!
I don’t think I will be able to make it but please post photos. :slight_smile:

And thanks for serving. I do appreciate it.


Duke - Thank you for serving and please exercise caution.

Pat Moore
Airborne Weather Observer
USAF 1966-70

I understand IED…help on the FOB (I’m slow).

A hearty thank you for your service. How long is your tour of duty? Keep you head low, stay in the shade and drink lots of water. (That’s something a former boss of mine would say every time I left work).

Fecal Occult Blood?

airborne weather observer? it’s sunny! it’s cloudy! it’s sunny again! canopy. ground. it’s sunny again!

Some funny responces.

You guys are killing me. FOB =s Foward Operating Base

I dig the sig!
“My Unis are smile machines”

Take it easy, and be careful.