Heli-muniing in New Zealand

Howdy all!
Here’s some great pictures from Nathan Hoover from today’s “heli-muniing” in New Zealand.

Totally rad. I highly recommend doing this with Fat Tyre adventures if you visit Queenstown, NZ


I live in New Zealand and its sooooo exciting to see unicycles invading us!

Awsome! I would love to do that one day.

If you are trying to make us insanely jealous, you have more than succeeded.

(Insert swear word here)

Wow - nice photos! Looks like an amazing ride.


now i’m jealous! :angry:

by the other hand, i think also reaching the top by your own (maybe with a little cable car support for the half way or something like this) is still the best!

Cool! I was thinking about doing this as well when I get there. Glad to hear it was so successful.

Very Nice! Thats getting to the top in style:D