Heli Coils in Ultimate Wheels?

Well, Darren Bedford warned me not to ride the UW the wrong way or it would strip out the pedal.

In a moment of I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I-was-thinking, I took out my white paint marker and saw the ‘R’ of the pedal sticking through the hole and wrote R on the ultimate wheel.


The pedal was stripped out and ruined within 20 minutes with no more than 8 continuous pedal strokes to show for it :frowning:

(My most expensive ride yet)

Anyways, does anyone have experience with Helicoils? Do you think they would hold up to the stresses of so much wobbling and torque at the same time?

Or am I ordering another UW? :frowning:

Oh Bummer!! :astonished:

I also have a Bedford ultimate wheel. The aluminum disk UW is very cool but I am very paranoid about the aluminum pedal threads. It’s so easy to strip them out if a pedal gets loose. I check the pedal tightness before every ride.

Call Darren tomorrow and see what he suggests. He should be able to fix it for you.


No problem. Bring it by the shop and I will repair it while you wait.

I have steel repair sleeves I use for Monty cranks that will get you riding again.


Well, after a phone call to Darren who said, ‘Put the pedals in the other way,’ I am a fully functioning UW again. :slight_smile:

Why don’t I think of these things :frowning:

Thanks Darren