ok, enough of this how rolling hops are done, can some one tell me how to get more height ive seen kris holm hop to rubber onto the top of a picnic table and will stevens jump to the top of a large set of steps, but the best i can get is like two feet. i guess it doesnt help that my uni ways a ton, but i just w3ant to get high enough to hit some rails.
see you south west guuys at the tamar on saturday.

obviously, the first step is seat out. rather than jump from the ground, work on “snapping the tire,” meaning use the air pressure to your advantage. give a short but strong kick downwards and the wheel will bounce on its own. then, work on tucking the wheel under you. dont try to go too high at once, work at it inch by inch so you will keep your balance and your feet will stay on the pedals. in the air, tilt the bottom of the wheel towards the obstacle. look at the post “hopping consistancy” for more tips (sorry, i wont give you a link, too lazy).

a picnic table is nothing, even i can hop on a picnic table. ive seen ryan and kris hopping on a 3 foot box at motorama this year. now thats high.

You’re gettin’ arrogant, muniracer. No offense. Also, I was surprised when you mentioned a 28" picnic table, since almost all of the ones in my area are 32-34".

I find that you can eventually get to the point where a deeper bend in the knees before the tire kick is helpful. Also, some may disagree, but you can usually add about 2" to your hopping height by prehopping. I agree, work inch by inch. I go 2" at a time, and I wish I only did 1".

As for hitting handrails, do you mean grinding or straight to rubber? A 2’ hop should easily get you to a railgrind, and a seat out sidedhop is awful when you want to railgrind. If youwant to go straight to rubber, don’t get your hopes up. Most rails are about 32", and I don’t know anyone who can go 32" without having to crouch the uni in mid air. The problem is not getting your tire up onto the handrail, but the hop just after for balance is usually not precise enough to keep on your average 1.5" diameter handrail. I myself practice jumping up onto stuff from the thin edge of a 2x4. I can can consistently get 13" from a 3’ gap to the rail, which I feel has greatly improved my precision.

Also, watch the video by Ryan Atkins: How to Hop Quite High. Great video, and in it he does a 95cm (37") hop, which will clearly illustrate why going to rubber on a handrail is very difficult.

i want to grind them!!
seat out in front isnt much use, i long ago learnt to roll jump, and pull the seat out to tuck the uni up a bit further, but apart from looking a bit interesting, its useless coss ive got no stability when i land, its possibly the worst position for grinds and you can just flow out of it and roll away. prehops are the same, they ruin the flow, i dont mean to start a rift with all the trials guys, but im trying to take a new direction, trials to me is too static, ive spent a long time trying to keep it flowing.
thankx for the tyre snapping advice tho, ill be trying that one out later.

good to hear you like the flowing style of street. im in the exact same situation as you. i can only get about 2 feet on my rolling hops. but dont let that stop you from jumping serts and hitting rails. for street, a lengthy hop is more important than height. i can get up to almost any rail with my 2 foot hop. ive tred rails on 3 sets and ive tried rails on 10 sets. you wont find too many tha are higher than 2 feet once you add in the fact that youre hopping out to the rail too. so yeah, dont let a 2 foot hop discourage you from doing rails. thats all i have to say. time for school,

ok, cool, so next question… how do i stop the uni from sliding out wants i get it on the rail? and what do you use to grind? im running kh cranks (very mangled from concrete ledges) and bmx pedals with grind plates on the bottom, so the pins dont dig in to stuff( and it keeps the pedals aligned properly when you do no footers and things)

no, i just meant that kris and ryan are much better than he expected. they are jumping a third higher than a picnic table now!! if he was amazed by a picnic table hop, then he will be even more amazed by this (http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albuq00). i couldnt find the 95cm hop video so someone else can post a link if you know where. all the picnic tables in my area are 28", 29" and 30" inches (i guess us virginians are short or something). i know im not very good, hopping is the only thing going for me, i dont have enough precision or consistancy to be a good rider yet.

i agree with the knee bending thing. but dont do it all the time, just when doing something that is high for you.