i was just wondering what the tallest uni’s on this site are…

Please tell me if you have anything taller than 6 foot, and where you got it from.

I think Sem Abrahams has a home made 115 ft giraffe.


My 6 foot Girtaffe is in the rafters of my 9 foot garage, does that make it a 15 foot unicycle? --chirokid–

Someone offered me a 9’ giraffe (for free), but I don’t have space to store it, so they hold it, but I can ride it whenever I want (or feel suicidal).

only if it’s standing up.

I have a (n almost) 7 foot three wheeled triverticycle. It’s a custom Steve Howard production.


mines just above my waist… :frowning: i nearly won

At my house we have an 8 footer, 2 6 footers and a 4 foot. Can I add them together? That would be 24 feet of Giraffe.


I have a 8 foot giraffe, but when Im on top I feel really higher... I dont even want to think what about seating on the top of Sem new giraffe…

I have a 4 footer. It’s my Coker