Height, wheel size and used unicycles for sale

I’ll likely wanna be getting a unicycle with a bigger wheel soon. I have
one with a 24" tire. I’m 5’5". I’m wondering how big a wheel I can get
to. Is it possible for me to ride a Coker? Also I’m wondering how one
finds out about used unicycles for sale (besides ebay). Particularly ones
with bigger wheels (26 and up).

i have a coker…

im about 5’ 10" and i ride a coker. it comes with three seatposts of differing lengths, or at least mine did. the smallest one at the lowest height should be fine for you. i think you may be able ride one. let me know your inseam length, and ill measure it for you.

Mara is no giant. I think she’s 5’4" or less. Here she is on one of the big boys. If you want a used unicycle, Jagur sells them pretty much weekly.


Yeah you could ride a coker, check out these kids. (not mine)

You also might check with Darren Bedford for unicycles, his new prices are better than some of the froth that blows when a name brand - quality uni shows up on ebay.

What is this Jagur mentioned for used 26" or 29"?

You guys are giving me hope. My wife is 4’ 10.5" and I was/am worried about finding her a decent 24" uni.

As everyone above said you should be fine riding a Coker. I’m 5’2" and owned and rode one. You might have to cut the seat post, I had to cut the frame a small amount but it’s doable. Enjoy :slight_smile:

My girlfriend is also about 4’ 10.5" and she fits on my 24" perfectly fine. She may even be tall enough for my 29er, but we haven’t tried that yet.


Best laugh I’ve had in a while… :slight_smile:

You guys are too funny,
Lol, good one MuniOrBust!