Height of seatpost

Ive heard that the recommended height for your seatpost is to get it so its up to your belly button but while I was trying to learn wraps it seemed too high… It is as low as it can go before it touches the tire so I will have to cut it but is it more of a personal preference or is there a height that poeple find is better. Even if its personal preference I’d like to hear some ideas to see and maybe try a few out.:slight_smile:

The belly-button thing is a very general rule of thumb for “regular” riding on 20" and 24" wheels. For Street riding you usually want it quite a bit lower.

Abraham Lincoln said: A man’s seat post should be long enough to reach the bottom of the seat.

I thought Lincoln said “A man’s hat should be just tall enough to reach all the way down to his head”.

I like my seat high on my Trials uni and low on my Muni, but not too low…

Haha XD
Yeah thanks Ill try it a bit lower, hopefully today I can get it cut down a bit :slight_smile: