heighest no roll out drop

Hey what is the highest drop i should do on a DX with no rollout?

a few feet

I don’t think it would be possible for you to be more vague…

Natiag, I’ve heard that a DX is good for up to 3 feet without a rollout, and six with…but a good rule of thumb is to always do a roll-out, unless it’s impossible. It certainly won’t hurt…

Monkeyman, thanks for clearing up what unijesse said. Anyway, the reason im asking is because i always do a rollout, unless it messes up the flow of a trials line. You know what i mean?

anyone else??

That’s what I’m saying. Do a rollout whenever possible.

ya, thanks for the feedback monkeyman. I juts wanted tosee if i could get more that two peoples opinions.

I wouldn’t do more than 4 or 5 feet without a rollout. It might not seem like it’s doing much damage the first few times, but after a while, the stress will just be too much.

good luck not hurting ur ankles without a roll out

this is true
you could probably pull off a 5’ drop if you weigh under 150

i have done 6 foot drop and about 4’ sideways
its fine

i weigh 90 pounds


EAT, boy!

Lol! im 12

I’m 12. I weigh 73 pounds:)

your fat!


75 pounds here. You’re literally the first kid my age who weighs the same as me. Power to the lightweights!

How tall are you now Tyler?

I’v done 7ft, no rollout. It held fine.

Didn’t you do that into sand though?

Or was that someone else?

Yes i did a 7 into sand. But i also did a 7 to hardpack.

im about the lightest kid i know that is my age!