hehe yup another video by me

Well videos keep me occupied so I made another one.

Hope you like

Sweet video again man, you are such a good freestyler. cough make another trials video cough

Mike :stuck_out_tongue:

tell me that gym is not at ur house

Ok mike ill make something sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes thats in my house haha. No its just a gym i use, and its so sticky and grippy its awful for some freestyle tricks like pirrottes


That was awsome…But i agree with Mike…Try to make tommrows video a trials one:D

To be honest there isnt alot of trial around my area unless I travel into town and that all depends on weather and if im feeling ok. I mean ive pretty much done most of the trials sections in my other vids, theres not alot new i can do.


I was going to ask, was that your own gym. :slight_smile:


Very nice video. Thanks!:slight_smile:

wow that was great. you r so good at gymnastics. I really liked the gliding at the end.


nice video

it was really really good. as usual man. :slight_smile: youre just…cooler than the rest of us.

haha shocked! thats coasting!



:sunglasses: yeah trev