Heavy Guys and potato chips

I’m a heavy guy and have turned more than a couple unicycles into potato chips so I’m a little hesitant to go all out on my new $500 purchase from bedford cycles.

I got a 26 inch wheel and a street tire. I compress the tire a great deal even when it is overinflated. So should I

  • get a smaller wheeled unicycle because those are less likely to warp (is this true?)
  • get a thicker tire to avoid hitting the rim from my larger than average frame?
  • Lay off the potato chips and give it up so lond as I weigh in at 280lbs?

Tkx for the advice,

  • Scott

I’d go this option, too many of these cant be good for you:(
Have the occasion few but just dont go overboard… before long you’ll be busting out gnarly moves without messing your uni;)

I would recommend starting with B and C… tho if your riding your uni a lot, C will take care of itself…



ever tried sumo-cycling?

Now now, keep it nice please… we are a friendly forum… we dont wanna lose a fellow uni’er.

Wow! someone fatter then me!

Great!, welcome to the forum ! Glad to have you around!:slight_smile:
I have a KH 24. What kind of uni’s have you squashed ? I think you couldn’t break a 24 or 26 muni without doing big drops. At least not a strong one.:slight_smile:
Definitely don’t stop riding. I have lost 15 lbs. in the 3 months since I started !
I just ordered a new tire, but thats it as far as trashing stuff goes.

That would be SWEET!
Get some zip up Pj’s, stuff it with pillows and blankets, then make a movie!!!

that would be SOOO COOL!
bedford is good quality, I’d go with B/C

Some of us (looks in mirror) don’t need pillows and stuff… :S


Switch to Cheetos.

> What kind of uni’s have you squashed ? I think you couldn’t break a
> 24 or 26 muni without doing big drops

I’ve taco’d three Norco’s (more ‘affordable’ brands), mostly from hops up stairs etc. I’m pretty sure it’s the sideways motion. They were 20inch and 24 inch.

My nice one is 26 inches and I wonder if a larger wheel means more likelihood to bend. Part of me thinks yes and part of me thinks no.

  • Scott

Congradulations fat man!

You are more advanced then me. I haven’t learned to hop up stairs yet. I’m not even a very good fat man now, down to 185 !:smiley:
I guess that a KH 20 or 24 could be modded with heavier spokes. I am pretty sure that a stock KH would be strong enough for regular muni. You know better though, what will work or not.
I have read about a new tire called the large marge. 24x 3.5 I think. This, on a
top grade rim might work.
I am impressed at how far you have come so far. It may cost you a bit more to make your dream uni. Please post and let us know about any cool stuff you make.
There are custom frame makers, as well as motorcycle spokes, tires and rims etc. out there. I am sure you can assemble an awesome uni, that you can beat up to your hearts content, big drops, anything. UDC has contact info for custom builders. Maybe something as simple as a KH 24 or a large marge setup with heavier spokes may do the trick. Keep us posted !:slight_smile:

I forgot to answer your question

A 26 isn’t as tough as a 20 or 24 generally. The rim and tire are more narrow. I have read posts where Kriss wrote he made the 07 rims drilled because he wanted to make them wider (yet not heavier) for more lateral stability. It is my impression that a smaller fatter tire and wider rim is the strongest.

What are you, like 4’8" or something? Because otherwise you’re delusional…185lbs is definitely not fat. Unless we’re talking kilos, which would be a different story.

i’ll say you should lose weight first

now 280 pounds?!?

really really lay off those chips, its a health issue…

Hey, the guy is obviously taking a pro-active approach to it. Just keep unicycling, the rest will take care of itself.

My brother weighed in at about 280 last year and he lost 90 lbs over the course of this year. He didn’t do it through unicycling, but unicycling certainly wouldn’t have hurt. He started eating a lot healthier foods and exercising regularly at the gym…exercise bike, treadmill, step-machine.