Heavy duty UNI?

Hello all,
I want to learn to ride a UNI. But it better be heavy duty. I stand 6’-5"(1.95 M)
also weigh in at 330 lbs. I don,t want to break it!
Paul Milner

Paul, Welcome to the forum. Always glad to have another person interested in learning how to ride.

The Nimbus Unis are a good value for the money and depending on the model will hold your weight. If you are new to Uni you would probably be interested in a 24" for learning.

This one: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/cruiser-24-inch/nimbus-ii-24-inch-unicycle-with-isis-hub-blue.html

It’s available in blue or red

It has a double wall rim which is stronger than a single wall rim and it has ISIS cranks which are stronger than cotterless cranks.

I would not buy anything less in quality than the Nimbus for your size.

If you got the money a KH is very good and very tough unicycle. They lean towards being for off road but the difference is really just a matter of tire choice. Unless you go exotic with Titanium or Carbon Fiber KH is about the best you can get.

They are on sale: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/cruiser-24-inch/nimbus-ii-24-inch-unicycle-with-isis-hub-blue.html

Given your size a 26" would not make a bad choice either but will make learning just a tad bit harder. http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/rough-terrain/nimbus-26-inch-muni.html but at your size a 26" is going to feel more like a 24" does to someone at or less than 6’ tall. Being the Muni model it might be a little bit stronger than the 24" but not by much. (others will probably a better opinion about that)

Here is the KH in 26" http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/rough-terrain/kris-holm-26-inch-unicycle.html

What kind of riding are you interested in doing? That might help others give you advice about what they think you should get.

Learning a uni takes some persistence but it’s an awesome feeling when you can do it.

the 3 inch tires can hold wayy more weight than a freestyle, so the KH would work great… my 2.5 inch tire hold 320 lbs, so u should definately go with a 3 incher. and the Nimbus II has a freestyle tire, so that would not be the best choice. :smiley:

Heavy Duty Uni?

What kind of riding are you interested in doing? That might help others give you advice about what they think you should get.

Hi, Thanks for the response. I live 1/4 mile down a dirt road and then pavement. I also want to commute to school from nearby parking lots. BTW, anyone from Albuquerque on this group?:slight_smile:

If you are looking to use a unicycle to commute the larger sizes are generally better but they are also harder to learn on. Most people learn on a 20 or a 24. With your size I think that a 24 would be more appropriate. 26 would not be a bad choice either.

If you want a bombproof unicycle on a budget the hands down winner is a Nimbus MUni. Right now they are less than half the price of a KH, just a couple pounds heavier and not as bling but just as strong if not stronger in key areas (rim, and frame).

The KH has a wider rim which can be important if you want to run a fat tire at low pressure on uneven ground or while side hopping, and the toughest cranks on the market, but then not many have broken the Ventures that come on the Nimbus.


Nimbus 24" MUni

Nimbus 26" MUni