heavy duty/Trials BC wheel?

Anybody have one?..has anybody made one?

Trials? Which size? People make them with mod rims sometimes, its not that great though, the tires for a mod rim are super crappy for bc.

Heavy duty? yeah people tend to make them with beefy rims, not really needed they dont get thrashed that hard.

yeah…i know there wouldnt be much purpose on having a trials bc wheel…but you have to admit it would look pretty sweet with a maxxis creepy crawler on there

mmmm when you say beefy…it makes me think of chalupas mmmmmmm i love taco bell

Sure, it looks cool, but its tread hurts a lot. Also traction and grip isnt needed with a bc wheel, which is the purose of a mod tire and rim. Same with compression, In my experince your normal bouncy tire you would have on a uni to help you get height in a hop, kills hop height on a bc. Also it kinda kills tight turns and a general smooth ride.

Go for a bmx bc.

im gonna throw some footpaltes on a kh wheelset

That will be fun, a bc wheel that doesn’t coast.

haha thats what i was thinking…it has to be a freewheel

it wouldnt work

The wheel you use needs to be a freewheel…like the front wheel on a bike

I know, that was my point. A unicycle hub does not coast so you would have issues if you put bc plates on one.



HAHAHAHA thats funny!