Heat-shrinkable saddle cover-worthy fabric/material?

YO! I got a viscount saddle recently and i think its my favorite feeling saddle, the cover is skin tight and one peice vinyl. Though its 3.5 pounds and im needing a saddle to put on my light uni. I have a cf base on the way and am looking for a heat-shrinkable material that would be good for a saddle cover? Anyone know of something that would work?

i don’t know of anything in particular, but you may be able to get ahold of a HUGE tubular heat shrink material and glue it on, then shrink it. I think its pretty sturdy too, nice and tough.

you can get real thick heat shrink tubing, so maybe get yourself a piece and cut it flat? thats the only thing i can think of.

Here’s a wild idea… dunno if it’ll work… take the viscount cover and trim off the material that wraps around the sides of the seat. Cut some wide strips of heat-shrink tubing and stitch the cover onto that. Then you might be able to heat-shrink yourself a nice seat onto the base.

The KH Fusion seat cover will fit it nicely and be fairly snug. My trials uni has a CF base with foam from a Viscount and then a KH Fusion seat cover. It fits well. Had to trim a little bit of foam from the front because the Viscount foam was just a little too long for the CF base and Fusion cover.