Headline for Unicycle story?

Ok you creative people out there! Write an original and descriptive Headline for a newspaper writeup on Extreme Unicycling. This reporter is actually letting me help to write the story for a local newspaper, and she was wondering what a good title would be for the story.

It has to start with, “Lomita resident Terry Peterson”
So one suggestion I had to follow that was:

…Goes to the extreme…on just one wheel!"

She seemed to like that one, but I’d like to have more options. Now it’s your turn! Go for it!:smiley: :sunglasses: :):stuck_out_tongue:

The other cycling

Pushing human limits … on his fine-tuned uni.

Extremus maximus unicus

edit: it’s after midnight, it’s the best I can do!

Has Twice the Ride with Half the Bike
or, Has Twice the Fun with Half the Bike
or, Has Twice the Fun with Half the Wheels
Does Doubletime on a Single Wheel <== my favorite
Rides Crazy Clown Bike (just kidding!)
Rides One Big Wheel

It combines the ruggedness of mountain biking with the dexterity of gymnastics, or something like that to describe extreme unicycling

Rides the 1 wheel wonder and finds out it’s twice (if not more) as fun.

Lomita resident Terry Peterson bewilders mathematicians across the globe as he proves that 1 > 2 by making use of the long forgotten “Single Wheel” Posulate.

“Lomita resident Terry Peterson” joins with NASA to put a unicyclist on the moon.

‘rides a single 24 incher’ (sorry i couldn’t resist)

but seriously, don’t let them use any awful wheel-based pun i.e:

Lomita resident Terry Peterson is wheely good

Why not a play on the words on your helmet: “Never Two Tired … 52 year old Lomita resident Terry Peterson…”

Flip that up a bit “Lomita resident Terry Peterson is never “two” tired for an extreme …unicycle ride”

Extreme was old and tired last decade.

It’s time to bring back “Awesome!”

Thanks for all the great ideas everybody! I’ll see what else might be posted today and send them in to the reporter tonight. :smiley:

Lomita resident Terry Peterson: One Wheel, No Sanity!

Lomita resident Terry Peterson: 52 years, 1 Wheel.

All I can think of as of now.

Terry, your hat in that pix is the headline

…, not two tired. (Then you get a good picture besides.)

Yeah, I brought that up yesterday and told her it was kinda my signature. I just dashed off another email to her with a a new title suggestion that ties it together:

Lomita Resident Terry Peterson, is never “two” tired,
as he goes to the extreme…on just ONE wheel!


Lomita Resident Terry Peterson: Never “two” tired to meet the press! :sunglasses:

Haha, true! Or 60 minutes for that matter.:smiley: Or maybe that old stalwart soap opera: “One life to live, one wheel to ride” :slight_smile:

“Uni: It’s just a ‘cycle’ I’m going through”