Headband design

Hello everyone, I am trying to see if there is any interest in this. I have a design for a Headband. I am thinking to have the headbands screen printed. I am looking for the type of headband that is smooth on the outside and has the terry loops inside. These are generally the higher end quality headbands that are sold in bike shops and on line and not like the cheap THICK headbands that you might buy at the dollar store. I have requested a sample headband and waiting to ensure the quality.

Anyway, my goal would be to make about 75 of these, as that seems to be the minimum order. I can not promise pricing now, but I am shooting for $4-$5 which would include shipping for a quantity of 1. I think it would be light enough for just 2 or 3 stamps in an envelope. If someone wanted a few I could probably send 3-6 in a priority envelope for about $4.

Anyway here is my design. Please let me know what you think. If there is enough interest, I would try to get this done before Christmas. It would be one color. The headband is white and I am thinking purple or blue for the print.

headband preview.jpg

what’d be cool if on the back it said, “Just do it.”

nah not a nike thing… haha another thing like… revolution of balance…

and I think you should make a head band that u tie your self… u kno like black ppl (gangsters) wear… that wasent ment to be racicst… cauz if ud do that I could put it around my frame or haning down my back pocket


you mean a Dewrag? doo-rag? dou-ragg? :thinking:

The thin headbands that are at bike shops are good. They’re thin enough that you can wear it under a helmet. I wear one under my helmet when I use the helmet light and it helps to keep the helmet from sliding down or moving around as much due to the weight of the helmet light.

But white isn’t a good color. It wouldn’t stay white very long with muni use.

yea what abbaible said

Halo Headbands makes a couple styles of headbands that tie in back. They’re designed with a special strip that directs sweat away from your eyes.

The things the ganstas wear are do-rags. They’re to protect their hair-dos. To keep the curls tight or other hairstyles tight.

yea, gangstas…

At least pretend not to to clueless guys, please? I think PC is as retarded as the next guy (case in point), but come on. “Urban style” maybe? “some black people”, I dunno. Just ANYTHING but “gangstas.”

Revised Design

Ok, I have revised the design. The logo area is only 1" by 7", so all the spokes on the wheel are really too much detail that would come out fuzzy or bad, so I removed the spokes.

So far I can only find white, If I can find black headband, then perhaps I could print in yellow. Here are the combinations I would consider;
White headband - blue logo
White headband - purple logo
Black headband - yellow logo

headbandpreview2 copy.jpg

Im not buying if its like en elastic one…

Yes the headband in thin and it is elastic, but on the inside it has terry cotton/cloth loops, very absorbent. They are thin enough you can put them on under the helmet and still have your helmet fit well.

and when will these be available?

Be sure not to take ANYTHING as a parody of Nike or any of it’s competing sports companies. They’re very active about not allowing parodies of their logos and slogans, and even go as far as dealing with parodies of their stuff.