HD Video on UTV for those high quality fanatics

And further with the highlights from UTV :slight_smile:
Mathieu is very friendly and has provided a unicycle video in HD quality (1080i) for us. A stream is unfortunately not possible, there must still be a little developed on the internet and a 20Mb SDSL line would also be helpful. You can however download the film and then see what way your PC plays. Click on the right mouse button in order to get Requiem pour un Mono.
Please only use right mousbutton to dl, starting the file online won’t work.

I’m sure its very good however yet again a stupid codec is needed to play this file which i do not have, can you tell me which one i require thankyou

you need a codec for mpeg2 I think. The VLC Player is maybe usefull for you. It’s freeware and is able to play nearly every format and also Requiem pour un Mono.
I hope that will help you.

I’ll check it out cheers :slight_smile: