HD Unicycle Vid.

Good stuff.

How do you upload to HD on Vimeo, does it do it automatic if it is filmed in HD or is there there some upload/render technique to get it in HD online even if it was filmed w/ a SD camera?

I have no idea how it recognised it, I use iMovie and I’m not sure how to export properly, so it compressed it a little bit.
No it has to be using a HD camera I’m pretty sure.

Cool … you are a high hoppin’, long leaping freak!
I do mean that in the best of ways.
I liked it.

haha thanks

Is that all in Toowoomba? Great video. is that the same camera from brisbane? looks great. excellent skills too, i really wanna hit up the rail at like 40 seconds.

Yup all close together donwtown,

Yea same camera from brisbane, will release that vid soon too

Yea its wood but i reckon you could do it from the top of the arch :stuck_out_tongue: just dont fall in the water


Helmet and 661/kh legprotection…