HD Unicycle Vid.

All filmed today, using a HD camera.
Please give feedback :slight_smile:

Recommend: Vimeo

Not Recommended: Youtube

Kevin Wharton

Wow! Awesome! but still too short!:frowning: It was over too fast:(

Cool video.

Are you riding a luna tire?


That was impressive! We want more though :slight_smile:

Hey Isaac! I want to see a new trials video too! Put down that 36er of yours for just a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

That was really cool, your getting to hop quite high.

…were those static grinds I saw :wink:

Hmmm…really good video but vimeo screwed it all up lol.It works fine on youtube

lol sorry for the double post but i couldnt edit.It seems the quality is much better on youtube than vimeo if you click the high quality option


Thanks, my highest is 100cm seat in front :slight_smile:
And yes they are static :smiley:

lol, it is good in high quality in youtube, but I dont see how it stuffed up in Vimeo?

Thanks everyone

great quality riding and video. shots where lookin clean.

You are really smooth with the trials. Great vid.

+1 on a trials vid from Isaac.

haha well thanks guys. Due time, due time. I wanna make a really good one for my next :wink: So before too long :slight_smile:

kidmuni, I don’t get your paint job on your uni? Your frame is green, but the spokes and inside of the crank looks green too :wink:


Yea frame spokes and inside of the cranks are green lol

I like it

The paint job or the video :P?

Cool stuff. You should save your footy now;).

The war begins:) .

Nice movie !! nice hops !!! :astonished:
I wish I had a camera that good !!! :roll_eyes:


Will you have a full vid soon?

Sweet. I’ve always considered you a good trials rider. But I’ve always thought you sidehop was a little small. But its improve heeeeeeaps.

(y) lol

That was some really good riding and the quality of the camera was great. It made the video far more enjoyable to watch than low quality shaky camera work. Good Stuff!

lol Thanks
yea Im mainly seat in so max hop is 75cm :stuck_out_tongue:
but now I do seat out for high hops n can get 100cm :smiley: