HD Flip video camera

My birthday is coming up and I want to get a video camera and I was wondering what you guys think of the HD Flip camera. If you have one it would be nice to tell what it’s like.

well how is the video quality?

I know someone who has one and likes it. Video quality is quite good for such an inexpensive camera, but it’s not going to match a high-end camcorder. It doesn’t have optical zoom, which means using the zoom makes the picture get grainy.

Be sure the model you get has a card slot so you can expand its memory.

for an overall rating out of 10, how good is it for making unicycle videos?

I got the HD Vado (same price range).
Here are some of my vids so far:

i got the flip mino not to long ago. I really like it. Its small and has really good quality. i use it for all of my videos

If any of you have used a HD flip for a video could you post the link to the video?

Most of the uni vids here were made with my friend’s flip, not sure if it’s HD or not.

You have to be joking.