Hazards of riding backwards (fwd)

> Seth writes:
>> I’ve been thinking about getting elbow pads before tring to learn to idle or
>> ride backwards. Is it common to land on elbows in a backwards fall? Of
>> course, it doesn’t need to be common for it to happen to me, so I should
>> probably get them even if no one else has ever landed on their elbows…
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>> Seth Golub — seth@hilco.comhttp://www.cs.wustl.edu/~seth/
>I don’t ever remember falling on my elbows when learning to ride backwards. I
>generally rolled when I fell, which prevented any major injury. One time when I
>neglected to roll, though, all the momentum stopped when my head hit the
>asphalt with a thud. That reminded me to always keep moving when I fall and
>lift up my legs to roll.
Wow, I’ve never done either. Call me prissy, but I don’t like landing on the
ground :-> … If I couldn’t step off when falling backwards (I never really
went that fast going backwards anyway), I was generally able to twist around a
bit and catch myself with my hands. Only one time I recall did I land on my back
(and there had to be a couple kids watching right then :). I was backing up
uphill and hit a gravelly spot. I just went down flat with no time to think, but
other than being a bit startled I was fine. Of course, now I never fall off <G>.
I do however, have problems looking behind me, I now resign myself to glancing
over a shoulder every now and then, but still don’t feel really comfortable
backing up over rough terrain, or through a group of people. /

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