Hay Look Another KId who rides trials like a noob

I noticed your holding the seat with 2 hands. As you progress more into trials you are going to have to “let go” and use one hand. The other hand that is not holding on will keep you more in control and balanced.

After reading this comment, I was going to suggest hopping seat in, since when I learned to ride SIF I progressed from pulling the seat up against my body with one hand, to holding it out a bit with two hands, to clutching it madly with one hand while waving the other around like a kite in a tornado. After watching the video, it’s pretty obvious to me that he is hopping seat in and so that isn’t an issue.

I guess I’ve just seen one too many people hopping SIF before they had the base skills down. It’s funny watching them try to gap:p

And also try and leaarn to hop mush less.
Thanks for posting you have reminded me just how much I have progressed.