Hawaii Unicycle Tour (HUT)

Hi all,
I was thinking of doing a small Hawaii Unicycle tour. Maybe this summer. It would probably be a short tour – about a week. If it is just myself, it will consist of just Maui.

Anyone else interested? Or interested in a longer tour or multi-islands?


You know I’m interested, but definitely not this summer. Why don’t you come to NAUCC instead?

Yeah, maybe I will do that…crazy things have been happening in my life (i.e.: back to being single), so I’ve been wanting to go more places and do more things.

I haven’t been unicycling much at all the past several months…


Hey Corbin,
A Hawaiian tour is something I definitely want to do, especially if it were a longer multi-island tour. I have been eyeing such a tour for awhile.

The summer timing is a bit soon for me. A fall or early new year would work better and would hopefully avoid those hot Hawaiian summer days.


I’m tentatively planning a family trip to Hawaii around Christmas or early next year. I’ll try to adjust the timing and island to try to meet up with you for a day, if you end up waiting that long.

If you want to travel more, come out and visit Australia anytime!

Yeah james, I’m seriously thinking about coming out there this winter! I recently got divorced, so I’m looking for some new solo adventures in other countries.


Hey Carl – if it doesn’t work out this time, we should look at doing it again (with a longer notice and more planning). I would like to go to some other islands too. Grasshopper Adventures (who Ken Looi does his uni tours through) is also starting to do hawaii cycling tours, and I’m sure that they’d do a Uni tour there too, if my adhoc one doesn’t work out.

I’ll be going back to hawaii fairly regularly.