Hawai'i, O'ahu muni

Here are some links to videos I made of the Hawai’i trails I rode on O’ahu Island while I was there about a month ago.

This was only my third shot at video editing, so let me know what you guys think. I used Windows Movie Maker because I’m sticking with free. If you know any other good free video editor (not free-if-pirated), then let me know.

1 week in Honolulu
3 muni rides
3 trails
3 videos

  • 3 weeks later.

Kuli’ou’ou Ridge trails: http://vimeo.com/6753890
St. Loius Heights trail: http://vimeo.com/6737276
Aiae Loop trail: http://vimeo.com/6738542

Also, if you’re visiting Honolulu/O’ahu, contact Critter. He appears to be the only current muni enthusiast on the island, and he’s getting lonely since all his buddies left for the mainland.

Good lookin’ trails! I love watching good muni videos, but they always make me so jealous of the riders! :wink:

I don’t know about College Station, but i know the Dallas area has some pretty kick ass trails (though you have to head north towards Lewisville).

I would imagine Austin would have some decent trails too, out in the hill country.

We have Lake Bryan, a pretty good area with two 8-9 mile offroad trails.

I don’t really have a muni though, just a 20" trials and a coker. I’m definitely trying to put some money aside for a Nimbus 26" muni, though.

nice video guys. Looks like you had a lot of fun. @ nori- just wondering why you are using a waist pack for your water and stuff. It seems that as though when your hitting the technical stuff it jiggles around a fair bit and might contribute to throwing you off. I use a camel back (generic) and when it is strapped down it is nice and snug and does not affect my riding at all.
Keep it up. I want to see more videos from Hawaii- you guys have the terrain for some awesome trails so go out and find them!

That’s awesome!!!
We’re going to hawaii(mainly kuaii) in a week and had originally planned to bring a few 20"'s, but now after contemplating it for some time, we decided that we probably won’t because of other complications.
Way to make me feel jealous, lol

Nice, the first rooty section in O’ahu muni - Aiae Loop trail looks like a good challenge.

@ napalm, Yeah, the fanny pack/belt may have bobbed up and down a little bit, but surprisingly not that much. Also, since it sits so low, it seems to actually make you more stable by lowering your center of gravity.

But the main reason i liked the fancy belt was because i hate the sweaty back that results from using a backpack.

As for muni trails on O’ahu, i used to live there 5 years ago. I just went to visit this time. But from what i could tell, there were plenty of other trails to be ridden, and you can bet that if i go again, i’ll be bringing my muni along.

Ya, that looked like the part I would like to ride most.

Its a shame there isn’t unicycle rentals in hawaii.

Re free editors
I gather the latest on windows is called ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’, which comes with Windows7, but I think you can download it.

I’m super-slow at getting around to things computer-related, but here are finally some pictures to go along with the videos:


The photos give a better idea of the sweet views along the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail, in particular.

Nice photos… you caught some more interesting parts to ride in the photos that you didnt have in the videos.

I didn’t actually catch anything. My friend Sam did all the camera work that day. I just rode and edited.