Hawaii MUni weekend?

How many of you would be interested? I know the cost of flights would be too high for many, that’s what keeps me away from other MUni weekends. Once on the island, lodging can be taken care of by campsites and such. I would think that summer would be the best time. The weather here is nice almost year round.

I don’t have much MUni experience yet, but I plan to in the near future. I will have to do some research to find some nice trails.


by the time a hawaii muni weekend gets organized, i will be skilled enough to tag along, as will approx 5-10 of my school buddies.

I’m interested. I’ve actually been thinking about a hawaii muni weekend; but it’ll probably be about two years before I make it to Hawaii. :frowning: Sorry.

But in the meantime, good luck with planning!

I’m in!! Me and 5 kids will be there if you do it in 2 years. Keep me posted

If there was enough advance planning, I’d be interested in a formal weekend. Cost would be pretty high, since there is no way I could just “slip off solo” to Hawaii. Wife had no real desire to go to Sacramento (sorry J Foss), but I suspect HI Muni Weekend would be different story.

I may be in Honolulu later this year…are there good riding trails? I hadn’t been planning to pack my muni, but that could be re-thought.

I would defintely be interested! The best time for me is during our annual trips in late March.


there are supposed to be great trails on the northshore of oahu. there’s a bike shop up there that can tell you where the trails are.

i’ll be coming to honolulu next year, i think in august. i hope to meet the local uni riders.


I don’t think I’d be able to pass up a MUNI weekend in Hawaii.

I would try to come to a Hawaii MUni weekend, that would be sweet. But I don’t know if I would be able to… I don’t have much money, and the money I do have I’m going to use to go to NAUCC this summer, and the 2005 Rubiks Cube World Championships next summer.
But I would try to make it.

Real men swim.

I suppose their beaches are a little better… :smiley:

My wife and I would probably go if we could fit it to our schedule. Summer is probably not the best time to do it because it’ll be nice and warm everywhere, plus there will be conflicts with all the other summer activities people do. Including NAUCC and UNICON.

For a trip to Hawaii, the middle of winter would be best. Possibly during a winter break from school, though those are different for different schools. Anyway, I think you’d attract lots more people during what most of us consider the off season.

Another nice thing about doing it in Hawaii is that you don’t have to cram the weekend with rides either. People won’t mind lazing on the beach some, or whatever. Or just riding around on some (legal) lava, as we did around Folsom Lake at the last MUni Weekend.

Do it during april or march. Preferably March 26 and on or april 12-16. Im going to hawaii anyways in march around the 26th so that would be great!

I think Catboy is talking about this year. Or does he go the same time every year? In any case, look out for conflicts with other unicycle events such as the Moab Muni Fest. Though Rolf Thompson might not mind alternating years with you, if he doesn’t, it would put a few of us in a pickle. I like the dead of winter, if possible, but it has to fit with the schedules of the people who are serious about going.

Im talking this year, yeah. but even if we dont organize one I’m sure I could meet up with Danio(i hope) since he lives 15 minutes away from where I used to. and yess i will have spring break at the same time for like four years.

I am definitely serious. Christmas break would work for me. Spring break in March wouldn’t because our spring break is in April. The week after Christmas would be perfect. (New Unicycles):smiley:

the week after christmas sounds like a really good idea… we could even make it an annual thing

Christmas Break sounds really cool, and is certainly in the middle of winter (stay away, calendar nerds!). The only drawback is the conflict many people would probably have with family events. Christmas is a big family deal, and would probably keep lots of people away.

A friend of mine had a similar problem with his July 4 parade. He always tried to get a huge group of unicyclists together (the one I made it to had about 50 riders). But it never worked really well, because too many people had family obligations on that major holiday.

The holidays get you the guaranteed days off from work, but can work against you for the same reason. Sometimes you just need to set your own weekend and go for it. Do this with the feedback of the people who are serious about going, and you’ll get off to a solid start.

think people will still have family obligations a week(end) or so after christmas? i can see winter as being a perfect break from a snowy mainland.

IF this Hawaii MUni weekend happens, what kinds of things do I have to plan? Would you guys and girls be willing to camp it? Or would you stay in hotels?

I think I could reserve enough tent camp sites to handle a couple dozen people. With a little luck and planning, I might be able to get some campsites in the mountains on the North Shore (the Hawaiian North Shore). There are some nice trails there.

Would meals have to be planned? What about transportation?


Re: Hawaii MUni weekend?

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)How many of you would be interested? I know the cost of flights would
)be too high for many, that’s what keeps me away from other MUni
)weekends. Once on the island, lodging can be taken care of by campsites
)and such. I would think that summer would be the best time. The
)weather here is nice almost year round.

I have some friends in Hawaii that I’d like an excuse to visit–and I
imagine there’s some crazy trails on some of those volcanoes!