Having trouble with my 3" gazzaloddi


I just got my first real muni with 24" 3" gazzaloddi tire. I used to have a self made 28" commuter, but I love my new muni. Just having trouble getting used to a fat tire. It is nice and soft and rolls over obstacles easily. But it’s just difficult to turn. Will I learn to steer it eventually? I would think so. I also have a 2.7" maxxis high roller, wondering if I should try that first and when I’m fine with it I could start getting used to the big one.

hey, i ride a 24x2.7 maxxis high roller tyre since i started about 4 months ago. i’ve gotten used to it pretty well. my mate came over and his uni had a 3" gazz on it. i found it really difficult to turn properly like i did on my tyre, nobody believed me and said i was mental. But i did find the tyre harder to turn with than my 2.7".

it might just be because i’m used to it though.

ahh…put some muscle into it. It’ll turn.

The Gazz is difficult to turn on pavement or concrete. It is very different than riding a skinny tire. In the dirt it turns easier.

When turning with the Gazz on pavement or concrete I try to minimize any scuffing of the tire. Scuffing will just wear away the tire. If you are leaving black tire marks on the concrete you’re being too aggressive with the turns for concrete. In dirt you can be very aggressive with the turns, on concrete you need to take it easy.

In the dirt the Gazz is much more natural. You’ll get used to the turning behavior. You need to be more aggressive with the turns that you would on a skinnier MTB tire. It will become natural soon enough.

Have you been playing with the Gazz in the dirt or on pavement?

Thanks for the responses. I am not saying that I cannot turn at all, but I need to be much more agressive with the gazz. But loving the softness about it. And yes I have found out that it feels much more natural to ride in dirt than pavement. I guess it’s made for dirt…3" road tire would not make sense :slight_smile: Gonna try the maxxis anyway.