Having trouble with extreme crotch pain after only a little while of riding ...

the title sort of says it all, but i’ll fill in the spaces. first off, i’m a girl, so it’s not the … erm … OTHER problem i’m dealing with. the thing is: if i ride over, say, an hour give or take, my crotch starts to hurt and sometimes i have to stand up for a few minutes on the pedals and lean against something to provide some relief, but even that doesn’t last long. is my seat too hard? is it something i have to get used to? is there anything i can do to avoid it? also, i’m not having trouble with chafing on my thighs. that’s not a big problem for me. it’s the crotch pain from sitting down on such an odd object and going over bumps. by the way, i’m not trying to be crude here, i know this is an odd topic. i just need some help (and some Tylenol for the pain ;))

In this community, its not an odd topic at all ( :
Not being a girl, I can’t quite relate, but…what kind of seat do you have? That always has something to do with it. You could try wearing cycling shorts, which have quite a lot of padding in them, they’re supposed to help.

yea, wat kind of uni and seat do u have? It could be that you need a comfier seat.


Re: Having trouble with extreme crotch pain after only a little while of riding …

There’s several types of crotch pain (even apart from the
gender-specific issues). Lack of blood flow causes numbness which can
transgress into pain. But to me this has always been temporary.

unitoon, you say you ride an hour on end? That’s usually enough for a
significant numbness and its related pain. It depends on the seat too,
and on the style of riding. Distance riding (touring) is the worst
since you just sit down with a lot of weight much of the time. Trials
and hard MUni see you off the seat so much that numbness is not an

Several suggestions to avoid numbness / pain:

Better seat (personal choice)
Take breaks when numbness sets in
Use a handle or so to carry part of your weight on your hands/arms
Ride for some distance standing on the pedals every once in a while

My girlfriend, she doesn’t ride constantly for an hour, cause she is still learning, but shell be out for at least an hour trying to ride, and only has just a minimal amount of pain, about 1min of rest and shes fine for the rest of the day, shes learning on a KH style seat, and on her brothers Torker LX seat, both arnt too bad to ride on.

So maybe its your seat, getting a better one will help a lot, or your position, you dont have stuff to adjust about, but you do have stuff to adjust about, if that makes sense. Guys have to adjust so we arnt sitting on anything, and also to make sure we are in a good riding spot, but for a woman, you wont have to make sure your not sitting on anything but you cant just sit up any way you want, maybe some slight adjustments on how your sitting on your seat will help.

Goodluck! =p

How long have you been riding?

I remember for a long time after I learned I held the seat too tightly with my legs. That really hurts the thighs after a while. As I got more and more confident on the unicycle I didn’t need to hold the seat between my legs so much, so I don’t run into that kind of chafing much anymore.

Also, if you haven’t already invest in a decent seat, like a KH/KH rip-off. I’ve got an original KH seat that is worlds more comfortable than the cheap hard foam brick attached to the unicycle I learned on. (Even the rip-off KH seat on my Qu-Ax muni is pretty good.)

Oh, one more thing about seats while I’m thinking of them: angle it up as much as you can. The back of the seat should be just about parallel with the ground if you can manage it. It doesn’t look very intuitive at first, but doing this forces you to sit on your butt (instead of something that wasn’t designed to be sat on).

Take some time to analyse the pain.

I was on a long ride last year, and in agony from seat-induced misery. I assumed it was simply that my weight was concentrated on only a few square inches of seating area.

But after thinking about it, i realised that a large part of the problem was that my shorts were holding everything so tightly that I couldn’t mould to the shape of the saddle. This was putting stretching or “shearing” forces on my skin.

Fortunately I was wearng longs over my shorts. I discreetly nipped behinda hedge and removed my shorts. I then rode about another 15 miles with virtually no pain. I had significantly reduced the amount of padding, but the effect was to allow my bits and pieces to find a natural comfortable position.

OK, so I’m a bloke, but no doubt something similar happens for girls.

When I used to ride a bicycle with the local Cyclists’ Touring Club, there was an old lady of about 75 who used to ride over 100 miles a week on a bike with dropped handlebars and the narrowest of hard leather saddles, and she never complained of discomfort.

I am a girl (well, a geezeress).

I probably stop every half hour or so and walk out the crotch nubness for a minute or two. I find I can go longer, the better I get though.

There is another type of pain though. Padded shorts do not really help this type of pain much. The best I can suggest is sit back on your bottom as much as you can. Again this seems to be improving with practice, but sometimes its just there.


Unicycling - the great gender equalizer.

lol that’s great. i’m going to make that my siggy.

thanks for the tips! i bet it’s the seat, it came with a cheap unicycle and it’s pretty much like sitting on a rock. i’ll see if i can find a new one. thanks so much!

I don’t think 40 qualifies for geezer status. :roll_eyes:

I always thought geezerness started at 50.

You’re only as old as you feel. I’ve been 18 for a while now, but I need a fake ID or something to complete the ensemble.

EDIT: And the seat idea is very good. Don’t suffer with cheap foam brick seats. Spread the word, my friends. Get the t-shirts and novelty mugs. Make the posters and bumper stickers.

Well I’m not a girl. I just wanted to make that distinction. (And nobody has ever accused me of being a lady.

Am I then pre-geezeress?


If geezerness is a word and it starts at 50 then I guess you can be a pre-geezeress.

So like you’re pre-op? :slight_smile:

Avoid (at any cost) trousers/shorts with a seam.


What, no seams at all? Not even up the sides? Wouldn’t that be unseemly?

As a penultimate geezeress, Unitoon, I have some contibutions to make.

  • More experience riding helps, you either get used to it or it calms down some.
  • No need to post a reply regarding this, but I have a threshhold weight where if I am under that weight (which is in the middle of the normal range) I don't get much pain, but if I put on a few pounds by not riding for a while and eating lots of snickers, more weight on my sitting parts = more pain. If you're tubby, consider riding more and shedding those extra few.
  • If you are riding distances, get a handle like the GB4 I think it is called on UDC. you can distribute the weight between your hands and tender parts.
  • Mix up your training. I work freestyle so I take turns riding on the seat with learning different mounts, seat out front, in back, hopping etc. Any way you switch it up will help.
  • Cycle shorts a must. If you're feeling modest, wear some thin nylon shorts over them.
  • on bUMps: put your weight on the pedals and your legs, almost stand, keep the weight off the seat. It makse them easier to ride over and less pain, too.

With those tips, you might find some comfort. I hope so!

Right-o, this has helped me, too.

I did a 6 mile ride on monday and my crotch is still quite sore! The main problem is chafing on my left leg/crotch area. I rode about a mile today and it was horrible, it still needs to heal. I have a nice KH saddle, so I guess I need to get some of those bike shorts and see if that helps. Maybe with continued riding, I will get used to it a little more. Hopefully!

My old BMX bike has a rock hard plastic seat on it. On the rare occasions that I ride it, my butt is real sore for a few days! But back when I used to ride it everyday for hours on end, I don’t recall ever getting sore.

I guess I was a real “hard-ass” in those days!