Having Trouble Adjusting to 20"

I have actually been adjusting somewhat well now being able to land this one, 2’ foot drop pretty consistantly and am able to do most all my freestyle stuff(mounts, wheelwalking, backwards riding, etc…) except for 1 thingi am able to do my one foot riding almost like normal and about 200’ but i cant seem to get my foot placed correctly when going from normal riding to 1 foot. Ive spent almost an hour working on getting my foot to stay on. When it does (1 out of 10 times) its usually rubbing the wheel or oddly placed causing a UPD. Ive been able to do t about 3 times now but im almost thinking of putting griptape on the crown so my foot doesnt slide off the round plastic nimbus cap on top on it. I know to be persistant but is there anyone who can help me with this problem(i dont have it on the 24) i want my 20" to be a trials/freestyle ride so i can show off to my friends and stuff.

i too am adjusting to my new 20". ill give a brief summary of my experience and then answer your question. i have almost gotten ww down. jumping on the wheel is still pretty new to me so 5 or 6 hops is good. i need to work on idle/1 foot idle since its so much different than on the 24 (on the 24 i could 1 foot idle both feet and now i can hardly do one). backwards is still not as good as on 24 but getting there. now to you. i had the same prob at first. i have a 26" frame on my 24x3 muni (uni.com said i needed a 26 for clearance) so i never had to worry about hitting the wheel with my foot. my onza 20 has much less clearance so at first i would always hit the wheel. i ended up kind of relearning 1 foot. i had to change the whole foot position. on the 24 i would put the arc of the shoe on the frame but now i use te toe. good luck.

thanx man ill work on re-adjusting