Having issues taking off a bearing

Just having issues removing a bearing off an older nimbus. There doesn’t seem to be much space between the bearing and the flanges so getting the bearing puller to work is a real change. And maybe the bearing is just stuck on too tightly.

The bearing doesn’t rotate smoothly, and the uni making creaking noises anytime there was a harder force on the right side. I tried tightening spokes and that didn’t fix my issue, so then I decided the problem must be the bearing and bingo. Anyway, I shall keep persevering.

Going to ask my friend to borrow this :slight_smile:

My disc unicycles don’t have much space to squeeze a bearing puller in - I just have a set of cheapo generic bearing pullers, and use the smallest, but it didn’t fit until I filed it down a little.

Hopefully the bearing puller UDC sells works out of the box…

That should work

I use one of these - works perfectly:

It looks like it would. I ended up getting help from another member/friend, it was a huge challenge, took around an hour, but we got it off.
I learnt a couple of things, so it was a very good experience :slight_smile:

:+1: Glad you got is sorted Gockie.

Just for completeness, a tip in case someone wants to use similar to the puller I posted. Put the crank bolts back in to press against or you risk the shaft of the puller pressing into the middle of the hub and damaging the threads there.

Great tip @MuniEmu. We end up having to use a thread tapping tool to fix the thread (luckily my friend has them and knows how to use them)

He also used a punch with a hammer to assist with applying force to push the bearing off from the inside
That bearing was very stuck.
We also tried a hairdryer too to heat the bearing.