Having fun diagnosing maguras prob


I have been dinking around with bleeding my maguras for quite a while now… I have tried to bleed the dang things ix times over using both water and Magura Blood. I follow all the tips and instructions to a tee, but still no luck. The calipers wouldn’t even move.

So, I purged the line of blood by pushing out the liquid with just air. I then closed and tightened the open screws. Finally I submerged it into a bucket of water and pulled on the lever.

Voila, there it was, bubbles coming out of the middle of the mainline. I am running steel braided hoses and figured they were bomb proof. I guess not. I ride around a lot of rocks and I guess somewhere, the line just got mashed which led to a crack and a puncture.

I thought I had a problem with my connections, but they are working just fine.

Now I have to decide if I want to pursue looking for a new braided line or go back to plastic lines. For the longest time, I had covered my plastic lines with clear urethane tubing. It looked cruddy, but it protected the line. Working with getting the steel braided hose onto the barbed connectors is a PITN.

Too bad Magura can’t interchange the plastic lines with braided. That sucks.

One last rant. I swapped out my plastic lines on this set of Maguras that were working fine to the steel lines and I have had hassles ever since. If it works, don’t fix it.