Having a great time on my uni!

Well it is week three of owning my uni and I’m having a blast! Today
I rode a kilmetre or so to a park with a big soccer/baseball field
with one of those bark mulch fitness circuits through the trees around
the periphery of the park. By the time I got there I had already
gained the satisfaction of being able to ride down sidewalks for
blocks at a time with no problem (before this sidewalks were still a
little too narrow for me to safely negotiate). Also I had stopped to
practice my freemounts and did seven in a row when I stopped for a
little practice session as well as one right on the sidewalk when I
continued along on my ride.

Then the park. I rode right through the middle of it along the bumpy
grass and through a soggy section where they had been sprinkling
water. It was really fun to go bumping along and not lose control.

Next I rode along the fitness path… over embedded rocks and over
lots of root that jutted up due to the large trees nearby. It was so
amazing to be able ride over all kinds of uneven and loose ground,
feel the uni twist and turn and still stay mounted. It gave me the
tiniest glimmer into what fun the Muni riders must have on their off
road rides.

Back home along the sidewalk, a few more freemounts along the way and
I headed in for lunch feeling thrilled that I had discovered the
secret to this sport. It may look like we are just “about to join the
circus” or have “lost a wheel” but really we have a totally cool fun
little sport happening with the simplist of modes of transport - one
wheel. A private joke really; an in house understanding. Uni - you
know what I mean!?


Re: Having a great time on my uni!

keep riding, it only gets better!