Haven't seen Terry the MuniAddict/UniGeezer lately

Haven’t seen a post from Terry lately. Is he still riding? On vacation? In the hospital recovering from a uni accident?

He’s still riding, he recently made a couple of video’s. He had his wheel rebult with a Nimbus hub after his 2007 KH hub flange broke.

Haha I’m still here, but thanks for asking…it’s nice to be missed, lol!:o
I was away from the forums for about a month, so I could catch up on work and stuff.

I never stopped riding though, and as mentioned I just posted a new video, where I adapted a really cool filming technique for unicycling! I call it “Uni Cable cam”. The first one called “Flightline” is in the video forum, and my latest one called “High Strung” is just out now.

The first one is mostly offroad Muni and 36er, and the new one was shot the city park. Check out the crazy speed run at the end! I could have gone faster still, but i had to keep pace woth the moving camera. :smiley:

Oh yeah I wanted to give a ride report on the new hub. It seems very strong and holds up fine for bigger drops. My only concern is that Josh at UDC built the wheel (I use the 65mm large marge wheel) with 14g spokes, instead of the heavier 13g that comes standard on the KH MUni.

So the hope is that the smaller gauge won’t cause the wheel to go out of true a lot more frequently! I did have to have my LBS re-true the wheel after a few hours of trail riding. It went out pretty quick, but that’s also to be expected with new spokes I think.

I remember when I first got the wheel from UDC, the spoke tension seemed a bit on the “flexy” side. But I went aheaad and rode it like that for a few hours on the trail. Then my LBS tightened them up considerable while trueing the wheel, and it has stayed straight since, which is many weeks now. :slight_smile:

14g spokes are nothing to be worried about. I purposely had mine redon in 14g because I could get much higher quality spokes and nipples.

haha good I feel better now! :smiley:

This is a great point. 14g spokes are the standard on mountain and bmx wheels, and the ability to actually purchase replacement spokes from someone other than UDC is a big advantage.