Have you lost your unicycle in Melbourne?

If you have lost your unicycle in Melbourne please get in touch. Some lovely folks have found it and forwarded on their contact info to Unicycle.com.

I would love to hook up the owner with their missing unicycle.

Email peter at unicycle dot co dot nz and I will put you in touch.

What kind of uni is it? I know lots of riders in melbourne but not many of them visit this forum.


thats really nice of them. i hope it is an expensive trials or muni machine so that the owner will be truly gratefull, i spose even an axis 20" is worthwhile retrieving still. good luck finding the owner peter

But one of the tricks to get property back to the rightful owner is NOT to give too much detail. Just enough so as to allow the owner to confirm the object is his.

The one I lost had a wheel missing…:wink:


Fair enough. I will ask around though.

BTW there arent that many expensive trials/muni machines in melbourne!


Yeah, if its one of those expensive ones…Its mine…:slight_smile:

lol, im hope the person finds it, Good Luck!