have you had any trouble with handles and bumpers(velo style...kh or K-O)?

title says it all
i have broken 2 handles and 4? bumpers… i think that the handles are well designed, but the bumpers could be MUCH better… what are your thoughts?

p.s. handles are on sale at udc right now :0

I’ve broken two or three handles and two bumpers, one bumper still holds onto the saddle but has a bug chunk missing. I think the biggest complaint that most people have is the hole in the top of the handle. At NAUCC at least two people got their fingers jammed in there doing unispins and really hurt themselves.

thats odd, i did that for the first time the day before yesterday…

i think the fins inside the handle could be about 2x as wide with the same size gaps.
this would help keep them from cracking, i have gotten several cuts on my fingertips from them breaking off during a jump and stabbing my fingers.

i don’t really have any ideas on how to make the bumpers better except to make them thicker?

The handles seem to bend quick when using a CF base.
But they are fairly cheap, so no need to worry