have you ever knocked teeth out or anything by fallin?

my grandma wants me to get some king of mouth guard to protect my mouth because im getting braces soon. Is this neccessary? :angry:

yes, it is very necessary, braces are expensive, if you are just riding around town you dont have to but if you are gonna jump at all then definatly were it, just yesterday, i almost knocked out my already three fake front teeth(from ice skating)but it is expensive to get the replaced and your orthodontist wouldn’t be to happy either, and if your around your grandma just were it to make her happy

do you have to do what your grandma says? Get a mouthguard for her so she wont come up with more bad ideas.

I suppose it’s possible but unlikely to happen. Never heard of it. Heard of chipping a tooth or something but nothing too serious. I personally wouldn’t wear one but that’s my view and opinion on it, unless you’re a super hard core trails person trying to do impossible stuff. You could knock your teeth out by getting in a car accident or just by walking/running if you tripped so maybe you should always wear the mouth guard!! :wink:

Guess it’s all up to you and what you think is best. Does the hassle/uncomfortableness of wearing one outweigh the benifits? That’s the question to ask.

I got a root canal today. I will have to wear a mouth guard when i ride for quite awhile.

to answer your question “have you ever knowed teeth out or anything by fallin”, I chipped a tooth by falling. Granted, i was rock climbing at the time, but you didn’t mention anything about unicycling :slight_smile:


Why??? I’ve had 2 root canals and have never worn a mouth guard! The crown they glue in is supposed to have permanent glue on it so you shouldn’t have to worry about it coming loose.

ofcourse your grand mom can come up with more stupid ideas but she wont be able to talk about them.

I broke my front tooth in half juggling (my friend through a bad behind the back double pass and it hit me in the mouth.)

It then broke again a year later eating a burrito.

350 bucks each time to fix it, and it will probably break once a year with my luck.

Breaking teeth sucks, don’t do it.

eating burritos… mmmm

i probably won’t be doing much jumping for quite a while! (im kinda a scaredy cat!) Thank you very much guys, i think i will weah the mouth guard. I definiteley don’t want to mess up my teeth! Thank you for the advice!

Lead fall, dude? Or some swinging aid thing? Either way, that’s gnarly and could’ve been gnarlier, I’d wager.

Owen, Murde_Mental, knocked out one of his teeth.
Do a search for it, he has a video of it, it’s really funny.

I said it first, almost!

Re: have you ever knocked teeth out or anything by fallin?

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:34:55 -0500, “happy_4_u” wrote:

>my grandma wants me to get some king of mouth guard to protect my mouth
>because im getting braces soon. Is this neccessary? :angry:

Whether this is necessary or not depends on your relationship with
your grandma :slight_smile:

Teeth to ground contact is quite rare in unicycling.

If memory serves, Mikefule broke a few teeth maybe two years ago in a
bad fall during MUni. For MUni he now wears a full-face helmet.

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You can wear a full helmet with jaw protection…

i’ve had teeth knocked out while riding a b*ke, but not on a uni yet. good thing dad was willing to shove a couple teeth back into the gums of a half conscious son. this was years ago though.

Re: have you ever knocked teeth out or anything by fallin?

For skateboarding: yes… especially if you do things like this,
For just unicycling… not really, unless you’re planning do stupid things.
I was searching on mouthgards recently, and found some. But they are much harder to get than in the 80’s when BMX racing was big.

they’re still big for football. Just go to walgreens.

I think Zack Baldwin knocked one out unicycling as well.