have you ever heard of anyone breaking a 2005 torker DX??

i did a search … looked through the first 2 pages and decided against it
so idk there could be a thread about this already

so who has broken a 2005 DX, how, what part, and how many times did you do it b4 it broke??

The hub and cranks are pretty solidly built, I’ve been doing 8-sets, and big drops on mine, the 2006 version, and everything is fine, even the frame hasn’t broke yet.

I am not sure if there is a difference in the hub from 2005 to 2006, but the main part to watch out for, is the frame, but even it does brake, you have a lifetime warranty on it, or you can replace it with a cheaper, better, lighter, stronger frame.

The rim on my friends 05 DX has obtained many flatspots and bends off of 1 to 2 foot drops. It gets mildly abused, though. :slight_smile:


I don’t have one, but usually the only part I hear about people breaking is the frame, and that’s probably because of badly landed drops or something. If your thinking about buying it, it’s pretty solid all around and can withstand quite a bit of abuse.

how in the heck… were you riding it w/o a tire??
i went off a 5’ drop w/ mine landed solid… didn’t do a thing to the uni

and i already have one… i just want to know if anyone has one that they broke