Have To Turn Upper Body to Go Straight

I have limited riding experience, but I notice that in order to go straight, I have to put my right arm out directly to my side, but my left arm has to be pointing about 45 degrees forward. If they are both out to the side, I turn left. I feel that my body is lined up straight ahead though. Could this be caused by uneven sit bones, or uneven leg length?

Its caused by inexperience. Ride more.

Yeah. Your muscles are still adapting. You’ll straighten out as you ride more.

Check if your seat is straight.

You might also check the surface you ride on. If you are on a crowned road, the crowning can mean you have to lean a little to balance.

I am a fairly experienced unicyclist and find that happens with a particular uni of mine. Maybe the frame is bent or something. Or I notice it happens when this particular uni’s seat is not exactly centered. It’s my Sem with a particular tire. I never have a problem with my Kris Holm. Not sure why exactly.

Everyone goes through that stage so don’t fret it is as has been said due to inexperience, once you get super comfortable at riding yoru whole body relaxes and things just flow with yourmuscle memory doign everything for you

For me I found it was a hip thing, I was letting my right hip drop more on my dominant leg as that was pushing harder than the left, so by pushing harder on my left leg to even out the pedal forces it caused my left hip to drop and straighten my pelvis so I wasn’t riding left shoulder forward to correct my lower body.

So basicaly try pushing / put more weight on the side of the shoulder you are leading with

Worked for me

I have an off camber seat post, so that caused a bit of that for me. The mounting plate isn’t welded on straight. I shimmed it with a couple washers on that side and it’s much better but still not perfect.
If you want to rule out the uni, ride the same surface in the same direction with the uni under you backwards - do you still lean the same way?

You will also discover bent peddles that you didn’t know you had by riding the uni “backwards”