"Have Coker, Will Rogers"

What a fantastic ride we had today! A small group of four including Joe (crazyjoe), Mark & his brother (curbrider) and myself. We also expected Jeff (ThisGuyIKnow), and possibly BKane and Jim (Munivision), but they couldn’t make it.

After 7 miles, Mark and his bro turned back due to saddle soreness, so it was down to just me & joe. We passed through Marina Del Rey and then Venice, Where we stopped to check out the various sights and street performers. Then we continued on through Santa Monica and finally hitting Will Rogers state beach, about 22.5 miles from our start point. :slight_smile:

We took our time on the way back, stopping periodically to take more pictures and grab some lunch. We fought pretty striong head winds in both directions, but it wasn’t too bad. Overall it was perfect coker weather and we finished our ride back at out start point, exactly 46 mles according to my garmin forerunner! Great ride and tons of fun! Jeff, Bkane, and Jim, sorry you missed out on a great ride Thanks Joe it was a blast! :smiley:

(My favorite shot)

(I still had another mile or so to get back to my car after our ride, hence the 47+miles)

No worries, we’ll just borrow Jim’s, or Jeff’s, or somebody else’s who can’t ride that day, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those pictures look great! I’ll PM my e-mail address to you.

It was such a great ride! Too bad we didn’t have as many people as we expected.

About the ride, it was my first time through Venice, and it was… interesting.

Wow I just scratched my leg and realized what a bad sunburn I got. Eh. It was worth it.

The wind could have been better, but it decided to go against us both ways so it made me work harder.

We got some funny comments. When we stopped on the bridge to take that angled picture an old guy came up to us and asked us what kind of bikes we had. He went on about hitting our heads or something (I think he was a bit crazy). I couldn’t really understand his mumbling. After we mounted we rode past him and heard him say, “They work!”. I guess he thought one wheel wasn’t possible.

Another one was when we rounded a curve and a guy on a skateboard going in the other direction pulled out his earphones and said, “gangsta!”. I didn’t think I was that gangsta with my cycling shorts and cycling jersey and stuff. Oh well.

Those were the funny comments for today.

Anyways, thank you for setting up this ride, Terry. It was great! I’ll probably be feeling it tomorrow, though.

P.S. The pictures look awesome!

Btw, I think part of the reason I felt so tired after the ride was that the day before, I did a 9 mile MUni with an elevation gain of more than 1,800 feet! Hell of a busy riding weekend, and I loved it! :smiley:

i wish i could have gone but i had plans this afternoon. Because i couldnt got i did some muni this morning and trials yesterday.

Maybe we can organize another coker group ride in a couple weeks. We could do the one that goes from Santa Ana River trail to Huntington Beach.

I live less than a mile from the Santa Ana River Trail and I know of a park nearby where we can meet and begin the ride. It’s only a few bucks to park and it’s 21.5 miles away from HB.