have anyone already have this problem?

hello guys
im posting here cause I need help
I bought a Nimbus Phantom about 2~3 weeks ago
And when I’m riding it I feel it is going to the left, does anyone know why is it happening?

Is your seat twisted?

no it isn’t twisted

is the wheel straight? try running your finger between the side of the tyre and the frame, if one side has a bigger gap than the other the bearing holders might not be equally tightened. That could cause the unicycle to feel different.

that can happen if your new, just work on it.

yes one side has a bigger, much bigger gap, how do I fix it?

loosen the bearing holder on the side with the smaller gap, and tighten the other one. Try and get it so they are equal and the wheel is central in the frame.

I did it but the gap is still there, I think the problem is with the wheel

If you spin the wheel does the gap get bigger and smaller? If so your wheel is buckled, take it to your LBS* if it is, They should be able to fix it.
*LBS=local bike store

I have already took it to my LBS and the guy didnt fix and I spent my money

Oh right, thats not good. I don’t know then, I’m presuming your wheel is buckled, maybe try taking it to another LBS and see if they can fix it.

I will try it and Im sure that the problem is with the wheel, when I spin the wheel the gap gets bigger and smaller, have you ever had this problem?

I don’t think so, I have a Koxx rim which is pretty strong and haven’t done anything to buckle it, but I’m not sure.

its is a common leaner’s problem that they tend to pull to one side all the time, it often has nothing to do with the equipment. I still get it from time to time, the trick is to relax and make sure your posture is not favouring one side. If you;re riding along the road it may also be the camber or crown of the road that is pushing you to the side.

If you took it there to get fixed and you spent money bring it back and let them know they didn’t fix it. They should try and set the situation straight (literally).

My guess is that your spokes are unevenly tightened. Get a spoke key and try to make all the spokes as equally tight as possible.