Have a look at my site!

Hey guys have a look at my site and tell me what you think

the videos won’t work and i havn’t done the “gear” section yet because of restrictions on filesize with the site im getting free hoasting from.

I like it! Great web site. Can’t wait to see you got coming.

Why not just host it for free at unicyclist.com??

cheers… Joe

good question, the reason is that i didn’t want to use unicyclist.com bandwidth while i am still developing it, i know the amount my site will use it little but to me it makes a difference, once its finished i will probably get a domain name and host it on unicyclist.com

there are a couple of things im also going to change on the site, the “news” section is going and i will have something there explaining what unisin is all about and my project and there will be a links section in there too so i can promote other unicycling sites!

Anyway can anyone spot the hidden thing on the second page? :sunglasses:

James’ site

[B]The opening picture’s quality is pretty terrible, it’s all blurry and out of focus… who was the cameraman? The profile pictures are all blurry too, you’d think with 4 megapixels you could achieve a bit more clarity. Ben’s profile is lacking too, he hasn’t written one yet. Over all, it’s not too bad. I especially like in the media section how you made the photo gallery. It is a pity only a couple of the photos show. I agree with Mojoe, get Unicyclist.com to host it. 50megsfree is a stink sounding name compared to Unicyclist.com, it’s just a matter of waiting for Gilby to authorise you. Nice work so far James!

P.S. The hidden thing sucks and is not worth looking for.[/B]



thats pritty typical of you istn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

first you know thats not the hidden thing :stuck_out_tongue:

second you know i blured the picture on the profiles :stuck_out_tongue:

third the front pic looks cool! (i didn’t take that photo i was filming it)

forth…ok there isn’t a forth!

fifth the page not found thing is a problem i have with the galarie thing i made that i need to sort out, well ihavn’t done anything about it but will someday lol

at the moment thought its jus there for people to see the layout and have a look :smiley:

The hidden thing

What is not the hidden thing? I did not attempt to reveal the hidden thing, I just let people know that it’s lame and if they do see it, it will be a disappointment, because James has gone and made too much fanfare about it. Typical James, who claims to have a strong background in computers, has not yet located either shift key and completed an entire post in lower case. Are you sure your IQ is in the top 0.2 percent of New Zealanders James? The front video captured picture would look cooler if you weren’t suffering from nicotine induced withdrawl shakes at the time you were filming.

meh who needs a shift key?

btw, i think the hidden thing is cool

btw, i can do that computer thing tomorow for you if you want

is the hidden thing where it says “just a space” when you hilight it?

nice site by the way, Kevin

see, it was kind of cool aye? come on! tell me it was cool!!!

PLEASE :smiley:

Also any segestions would be apreciated

definitely a very cool thing to hide. i saw one that said “bill put this here!! hahaha” when you hilgihted it. that one made me laugh.

see ya, Kevin

Don’t worry about it, I have plenty of bandwidth for unicyclist.com and that is what the free webspace is meant for, to encourage people to create unicycling content and put it on the web.


another thing is does anyone know what the max file size on the server is?

It’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it.


Cool site James! I liked it, too.

Looking forward to when the video section is working properly!

I’m interested to know how Rowan’s KH saddle was broken. Sounds like there’s a story to be told there… :stuck_out_tongue:

James did manage to find the shift key to type smilies blowing raspberries, though. :_P


Well, I woundnt say it is cool!

Its ok.

Only one pic works in the gallery, and the videos dont work.

The other pics you got on there arent very good either. What was the point in ‘editing’ them like that? It would look much better if you have put GOOD pictures up!

And why did you tell everyone about your site now? You could have waited untill you knew that everything, or most things worked, and then people would get a better impression!

One last thing, the URL sucks, big time! I would change it if I were you! You could even make a unicyclist.com one, which will redirect, so you can keep it on that server, but the address people enter will be cooler! (I have mine redirected to my site, which is hosted by Geocities)

I hope to see it again when it is finished… Good luck,


It is a sad story. One day I was down the road at Ben’s place, and no one was home except Mike turned up at the same time as me (he doesn’t live there), so I got an old shopping trolley from their front lawn, and pushed it just down the road to my house. I got a big square chunk of wood from the side of the house, and loaded it up on the shopping trolley to add to the trials obstacles out the back of Ben’s residence. I put it next to the overturned concrete tub thing. There was four car-mags stacked two high, with a plank in between. I sidehopped onto it and it tipped over the stack, so we put it only one mag high, with all four spread out underneath the plank.

This is where the story starts being more relevant to the breakage, so bear with me. Mike has tried to unicycle a quite a few times, but only rides about 10 or 15 meters at the most so far. I let him have a go on mine, and he could hop pretty good on it, he seemed to be better at hopping than he was at riding. He had heaps of goes, hopping up onto the plank on the mags. I was most impressed because that is about twice the height of a regular gutter, and most people learn to ride before they can hop up gutter sized obstacles. I’m not too great at hopping myself, and I have always been wary of how flexible the KH seat was, trying not to pull too hard on it. I could only just clear the plank by hopping over it, and Mike managed to clear it too, without riding off though. Then we went out the front and I showed Mike how easy it is to go up gutters with the Gazzaloddi, idling back and forth with the curb underneath me. As far as I can remember my seat still felt normal then. I told Mike to have a go since he was doing so well out the back. He had more trouble getting up the curb than the plank which was twice the height.

His technique must have been bad, maybe he was yanking for all he was worth on the handle, and not springing off with his feet at the right time, I am not sure. Maybe all the use I gave it in the previous couple of months had weakened it.

I rode home (to cook dinner for the family) and noticed something was wrong. The seat seemed to be tilted upwards further than usual at the front. I pulled on the handle, and instead of flexing a little bit like it usually does, it flexed an abnormal amount. I took the bolts off when I got home, and discovered a crack right in front of where the seatpost joins on. It was a highly flawed seat design, and hopefully will be remedied in the 2004 KH saddles.

I was gutted. The KH seats are supposed to be the best ones you can get off the shelf. They are definitely comfortable, but the first production of them did not seem to be intended for much real use. Most unicycles seem to be designed to be a novelty item, and not built to last. I thought this time would be different since I coughed up so much money for it, but the seat that came with it was expendable. I went back over and showed Mike the damage. He said he was sorry, and I told him I wouldn’t make him pay the $90 replacement cost, but it would be nice if he did. I offered for us to pay half each, but he wasn’t keen on that, claiming to be too poor. I felt I was responsible since I told him he could use it, and I was encouraging him to hop. Mike is now scared to use our Unicycles after what happened.

After mucking about with the bolts, it was getting late to start making dinner, so I decided to get fish and chips (I thought maybe spending money would make me feel better). I went to the dairy, and they don’t sell fish and chips on Mondays. I rode a couple of blocks away, and the fish and chip shop next to Pizza hut doesn’t open on Mondays either. I rode through the park to another place, and they had a note on the window saying they will be away for a few days. I ended up riding for ages to another place, and finally got what I wanted, then rode back through the park with my sack of goods. While riding I couldn’t help but pull up on the seat and notice how much it sucked after being broken. It seemed to chafe a bit more at the break as well as flexing.

I put together my CF Airseat A.S.A.P. after the breakage, and I am quite pleased with it so far. I am annoyed about the lack of the KH seat though, because I wanted to be able to compare it. The KH seat fits on the Kinport rail adapter, so I would have been able to test it with a bit of tilt. The seat still works to sit and ride on but it is so flexible that it makes hopping annoying.

I want to get a replacement for it eventually, but it will be way down the line because I have a bunch of other priorities. I have to pay back my Mum for the money I borrowed for the Airseat. I wouldn’t mind buying One Tired Guy. I also have to save up for the NZ Uni weekend, and pay to get my Sun doublewide trued somewhere, it’s a bit buckled since the shipping from USA might have been rough.

Although I seem to be full of complaints, I don’t really care about all that stuff. I can’t change what happened and I have no hard feelings against Mike. I am really looking forwards to the possibility of going to the Stratford Skifields tomorrow again. Me and Ben went up last weekend and it was probably the most fun I have had on a Unicycle. You ride along and you pedal real fast, and you are going faster than you are pedalling because you are sliding on the snow at the same time. James (understandably) did not trust us with his valuable video camera, but loaned us his digital stillshot camera. Hopefully tomorrow he will come with us and bring the video and a tripod. I can’t wait!!!

How far can you tilt it? I would have thought it was tilted enough normally.

Anyone who has done this… What is it like?


Two pictures worked when I checked, still not all of them but it’s better than one. With the blurry thing, I think James started with a picture of himself that was out of focus, and he blurred it a whole heap more to make it look like it was supposed to be like that. He also blurred the pictures of me and Ben to make them look similar, and I suspect he thinks it looks cool too. The idea was to have the blurry ones for the menu, but when you click on it for the profile it is supposed to change to a clearer picture. Stuff like that hasn’t been done yet but there is potential. I think James told everyone about his site now to get some positive feedback. Since people have given him some compliments about his work I think it will help motivate him to continue work on it. I agree with you about the URL too Joe, it does suck. Unisin isn’t even spelled correctly in the URL, and his Unisin video preview thing doesn’t even feature due to the restriction on bandwidth.

It is almost tilted enough normally. I am no expert on seat tilt, but I have noticed some rediculously high tilted seats before in some gallery photos. It is a matter of personal preference. I have the Thomson seatpost on backwards to allow the tilt to go up at the front, since bike seats tilt down at the front due to their backwards sloping seatposts. I can tilt it way further than I need to, and I tried it like that and didn’t like it. It helps you to sit weighted on the wide back part of the seat, instead of gravitating towards the narrow center. With too much tilt, the front of the seat pushes your reproductive organs upwards uncomfortably. I like the slight tilt because it changes the angle of the handle, making it stick upwards in a position which is good for grabbing hold of.

BTW James, sorry about my post.

I didnt want to sound horrible! Hope I didnt offend you! Just some pointers!

I know that it is really hard to get a site looking good!

good Luck,


Don’t worry it takes alot more than that to offend me. I know the URL sux but as i have previously said its only temp, when the site is completed it will be on www.unisin.org The site is only about 50% done. I work on it most days but it won’t be finished for about 2 weeks. The pics i think look pritty good and yes rowan is right when i have done some more work when you click on the blured pic it will open into a clear one. indeed the url sux! trust me i know! but in saying that its only temporary and the reason for putting it up here is for segestions. I asked for some and you gave me some, its great!

Thanks for pointing out the problem with the pics i will look into that today sometime after going for a ride.